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Are you a company from Latin America who wants to scale up and sell their products, services or technologies to the Australian market?

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ALABC soft-landing platform ensures that Latin American companies experience a ‘soft landing’ when entering the Australian market. It aims to help Latin American companies to quickly and comfortably start and develop their business activity in Australia. The program helps scale-ups create a plan to enter the market, enables them to establish cooperation with the local business ecosystem effectively, manage enterprise risk and provide an opportunity to test the potential of their business.


Are you an internationally recognised Latin American company with a track record of exceptional and outstanding achievement in one of the following industries?:

DigiTech: quantum computing, cyber sciences, AI, blockchain, IOT, VR/AR, big data, disruptive tech, smart cities, machine learning, network engineering, cloud computing.

Health Industries: medical and biomedical technology, pharmaceutical and vaccine R&D, health, IT biochemistry, digital health, implantable and wearable devices, genomics. |

Energy and Mining Tech: clean energy, resource robotics, computational metallurgy, geostatistics, circular economy, beneficiation, battery/energy storage. |

Financial Services and FinTech: neobanking, payment systems, wealth and regtech, block chain, micro-savings. |

Agri-food and AgTech: seed technology, nanomaterials, biofuels, supply chain and packaging, AgTech, food and beverage technology. |

Defence, Advanced Manufacturing and Space: astrodynamics, satellite systems, rocket and avionics systems, urban mobility, acquisition and sustainment of equipment, automation, nano-manufacturing. |

Circular Economy: bioenergy, sustainable production, recycling, waste treatment, waste to energy tech, emissions tech, responsible manufacturing. |

Resources: engineering, geology, metallurgy, waste management, energy saving tech, extraction and processing.

This program is suitable for scale-ups and larger companies looking for new markets to grow and scale their business.


You should define, quantify and provide evidence to support your application.
    • You must be a company, incorporated in any Latin American country.
    • A proven successful track record in your country of origin and in other international market(s).
    • The potential to scale to another country.
    • A company with technology IP or a unique value proposition.
    • Can clearly demonstrate that you have a product/services, resources and programming to meet the needs of the Australian market or solves a specific problem.
    • Prove that your company is financially stable, forecast and financial records in place, recommendation letter from an external accountant.
    • You can provide evidence from your board (or chief executive officer or equivalent if there is no board) that the project is supported, and that you have the resources to complete the project.
    • Your business team has an English/Spanish proficiency.
    • Strong management team.
    • Willing to eventually relocate and to be approved by a relevant Department of Home Affairs Visa program.
    • Potential to generate investments flows in new and innovative products and services, that are sustainable in the long term.
    • Potential growth in revenue for the company, as a direct results of its business between Australia and Latin America.
    • Physical presence in Australia is not a prerequisite for participation in the program. Participants can also join the program remotely

    Company Participation and Selection:

    • Companies that would like to participate in the Innovation hub need to receive market validation by the Board of ALABC and a panel of industry experts that will evaluate their real possibilities to enter the market, validate the business model and other assumptions.

    The successful applicant will be invited to become member of ALABC and must accept our T&C in order to receive the full benefits of the program.


    ALABC in cooperation with our members, industry partners and stakeholders will provide recommendations and access to potential advisers, mentors, investors, key connections and talent that can help the selected companies to grow their business and help boost Australia's and LATAM economies.

    We will provide you with key contacts operating in creditable services that you will require to begin your transition into the Australian market meeting local and professional requirements. ALABC has an extensive and diverse range of well-established companies in Australia to assist new businesses to penetrate the market and begin their offerings in Australia.

    Under this project, ALABC is aimed to develop partnerships to create a unique space dedicated to supporting the soft-landing of Latin American companies into the Australian market. This matchmaking initiative will encourage the creation of new technologies, innovation and the disruption of different industries, thereby making these companies more competitive and generating new trade and investments flows between Australia and Latin America. Physical presence in Australia is not a prerequisite for participation in the program. Participants can also join the program remotely.

    We will also be engaging with Education and Training entities and similar providers to run online training courses and other services to prepare the companies to succeed and scale up their business in Australia.

    ALABC members in Australia will provide technical advice for the selection process of companies that will be part of the innovation hub program, as well as increasing the knowledge and skills of people which in turn will assist in creating new opportunities for trade and investments with the region.

    In addition, ALABC members may offer initial services on a pro-bono basis or at a discounted rate.


    • For rapidly growing businesses, establishing a presence in Australia is a smart choice. Australia is strategically located and integrated into the dynamic and emerging economies of the Asia-Pacific.
    • Established businesses and scale-ups can draw on our deep pool of creative and educated people in a thriving economy, where our rapidly increasing exports have created record trade surpluses. 
    • In industries like FinTech and Agri-Tech, Australian businesses are pioneering new ways of adapting technology.
    • Meanwhile, our minerals reserves create fresh prospects for investment and growth. New sectors include lithium mining and processing for electric vehicle batteries, and rare-earth minerals. 
    • Perhaps Australia’s greatest asset is its diverse, highly skilled and creative workforce. As one of the most multicultural and multilingual countries in the world, we use our global ties to connect with the best the world has to offer.

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    We have members who can provide services in the following industries:

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