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ALABC Canberra Networking Day 2023

  • 29 Nov 2023
  • 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Parliament House Canberra, Parliament Dr, ACT 2600
  • 3


  • This event is exclusive for Patron and Large Corporate members of ALABC, or invited guests. Spaces are strictly limited. Please book in advance.

Strengthening collaboration between Australia and Latin America 2023-2025

Exclusive for Patrons and Large Corporate Members of ALABC and by invitation only

There is no charge for this event

For the past 11 years, the ALABC Networking Day at Parliament House in Canberra has been an important opportunity for government and businesses to come together and share insights around Australia’s commitment to strengthening ties with countries in the Latin American region, creating opportunities for trade, investment, tourism, and education.

This year will bring together Latin American Heads of Mission, Directors of ALABC, senior representatives of key allies, Government Departments, and our Patron members. 

As the Australia-Latin America Business Council (ALABC) looks ahead to the next few years, it is clear that there are a number of key areas that will drive our agenda and shape our focus. The following priorities have been identified:

  • The mining sector is particularly important for both regions, as it is a key driver of economic growth and plays a vital role in efforts to decarbonise the economy. Collaboration in the critical minerals sector could include sharing information and best practices on sustainable mining practices and addressing climate change.
  • Education and research are also areas of potential collaboration, with a growing number of joint research publications and increasing numbers of international students from Latin America studying in Australia. Opportunities for further collaboration in education and research could include expanding transnational education programs and developing new forms of service delivery, such as short courses and micro-credentials, to meet specific skills needs.
  • There is potential for collaboration in the hydrogen sector, including through the sharing of information and best practices on the production, storage, and use of hydrogen as a clean energy source.
  • It is important to increase efforts to facilitate visa processes for Latin American students and professionals to study and work in Australia. Exempt Latin Americans from paid visas in reciprocity for visa-free travel for Australians to Latin America.
  • Increasing engagement and cooperation at the government level, including through initiatives such as the G20, APEC, and ASEAN, can help deepen the bilateral relationship with Latin America. Work with Latin American countries through trade and investment agreements, such as the World Trade Organisation, the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership, the Pacific Alliance, and the Australian Central American Caribbean Business Cooperation Council.
  • Facilitate interactions between Australian stakeholders and Latin American countries in strategic sectors, and host events, webinars, seminars to promote trade and investment and further engage with key players in both regions.
  • Encouraging the participation and representation of all states and territories in efforts to deepen the bilateral relationship with Latin America is important to ensure that the needs and priorities of all regions are considered and addressed.
  • Take advantage of the accelerated pace of digital transformation and growing interest in addressing climate change and transitioning to clean energies to create opportunities in various industries.
  • Consider the need for diversification at the company, country, and state level in the face of ongoing challenges such as supply chain disruptions, closed borders, geopolitical tensions, and inflation.
  • Promote the establishment of new direct flights or improved existing flight connections between Australia and Latin America to facilitate travel and stimulate economic activity.
  • Work to resolve biosecurity measures that may be impacting trade and investments  in agrifood products between Australia and Latin America and consider streamlining procedures to increase efficiency.
  • Encourage Latin American businesses to consider expanding into Australia, particularly in sectors such as mining, carbon reduction, infrastructure, agriculture, technology and new energy.

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