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Jose Blanco AM, Blanco Partners

+61 4 19276130


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Blanco Partners
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Blanco AM
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Founder and Senior Partner
Business Development & Market Access
+61 4 19276130
New South Wales
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Blanco Partners has a long history of helping foreign companies to establish themselves and to grow their business in the Australian market. We have also assisted many Australian companies to enter and do business in a diverse range of markets in Latin America.

We know these markets very well and have extensive experience in all aspects of market entry and operation. The advice and assistance that we can provide can make the process of entering the Australian or Latin American markets easier, more cost-effective and more successful.

We are committed to helping our clients succeed by building close, long-term relationships that combine an in-depth understanding of their business and corporate objectives with our detailed knowledge of how business is done in these markets.

Although much of our work has focused on the natural resources and infrastructure sectors, we have also completed assignments for clients, both large and small, in a much broader range of sectors.

Our involvement has covered areas as diverse as market evaluation, strategic planning, selection of local partners, negotiation advice, legal structures, sourcing funding and dispute resolution, amongst others. Our team comprises talented individuals who can use their knowledge and experience to add real value to your cross-border business plans.
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