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Terms and conditions


As a member of The Australia-Latin America Business Council you will be issued with a login and password that provides you with access to content and services only available to members of The Australia-Latin America Business Council. Your details associated with this login complies with our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

As a member of The Australia-Latin America Business Council and a user of this website you can register for an event. When you do so you will need to supply the minimum information that allows us to process and fulfil your request. The details that are collected comply with our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Any information that you provide when registering your account with The Australia-Latin America Business Council will be in line with our Privacy Policy.


At The Australia-Latin America Business Council we consider the security of your information to be of paramount importance. We have implemented security measures designed to provide the peace of mind that you should expect when purchasing goods and services over the internet. When you place an order, our secure server uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to connect to our website, which encrypts all the information sent from your PC.

From our website we use a payment gateway called PayPal. Please click the logo here for further information about PayPal's security standards.

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We automatically delete all credit card details upon the completion of an order, and therefore retain credit card details for the shortest possible time. If you are uncomfortable using your credit card online, we also accept payment by bank transfer and cheque. Contacts us via this website for further information.

Payment options

There are two payment options available:

  • Credit Card payment. The Australia-Latin America Business Council uses a secured payment gateway called PayPal.
  • Invoice payment. You will be required to pay your account in full within 30 days of date of invoice.

Pricing Policy

All prices are in Australian dollars (AUD) + GST (Goods and services tax) as of [21st August 2010]. Prices are regularly updated. All transactions are processed in Australian Dollars (AUD).
Refund policy

For events no refunds will be made unless cancellations are received, 48 hours prior to the event.

As a policy The Australia-Latin America Business Council does not offer refunds. The Australia-Latin America Business Council members must be logged into the site in order to receive member's pricing. Refunds on price differences will not be provided if the member purchases at RRP because of not logging into the web site. For specific products and services you have purchased from The Australia-Latin America Business Council it may be possible to receive a refund. Refer to the Agreement specific to the product.

Customer service policy

The Australia-Latin America Business Council is committed to providing exceptional customer service. If you have a complaint about The Australia-Latin America Business Council please contact the Secretariat in the first instance via the contact page on this website, or at [email protected] We try to resolve complaints at the local level if possible. All complaints will be logged on our database.

You may complain in writing to the Executive Officer at:

Suite 1401, Level 14, 14 Martin Place
Sydney NSW 2000

We are unable to deal with anonymous complaints because we are unable to investigate and follow-up such complaints. However, in the event that an anonymous complaint is received we will note the issues raised and, where necessary, try and resolve them appropriately.

The goal of this policy is to achieve an effective resolution of your complaint within a reasonable timeframe. Once the complaint has been made, we will try to resolve the matter in a number of ways:

  1. Request for further information: We may request further information from you. You should be prepared to provide us with as much information as possible, including details of any relevant dates and documentation. This will enable us to investigate the complaint and determine an appropriate solution. All details provided will be kept confidential.
  2. Discuss options: We will discuss options for resolution with you and if you have suggestions about how the matter might be resolved you should raise these with The Australia-Latin America Business Council.
  3. Investigation: Where necessary, the complaint will be investigated. We will try to do so within a reasonable time frame. It may be necessary to contact others in order to proceed with the investigation. This may be necessary in order to progress your complaint.
  4. Conduct of our employees: If your complaint involves the conduct of our employees we will raise the matter with the employee concerned and seek their comment and input in the resolution of the complaint.
  5. Escalate internally: If your complaint is not able to be resolved at a local level it will be referred to our legal advisers.
  6. The complaint is substantiated: If your complaint is found to be substantiated, you will be informed of this. We will then take appropriate agreed steps to resolve the complaint, address your concerns and prevent the problem from recurring.
  7. If the complaint is not substantiated, or cannot be resolved to your satisfaction, but this Policy has been followed, the decision may be referred to an appropriate intermediary. For example, this may mean an appropriately qualified lawyer or an agreed third party.

    We will keep a record of your complaint and the outcome.