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Diana van Woerkom, Australian Internships

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Australian Internships
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van Woerkom
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+ 61 (07) 33058408
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Australian Internships (AI) is a specialist organization committed to providing international and Australian students and graduates with training, work experience and cultural exchange in an international business environment. AI achieves this through forming partnerships with leading Australian and international educational institutions, Australian and Queensland Government departments and leaders in the industry.
Annually, AI arranges 800 to 1000 internship programs for participants from over 60 countries, including Latin American nations like Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Mexico. The programs are customised to meet the candidates’ academic, personal and professional needs.

The company offers comprehensive programs including internship placements, visa guidance, insurance, airport reception, accommodation, English language referral and ongoing emergency support. Each candidate is carefully assessed and provided with a structured program that is tailored to respond to the individuals’ objectives and capabilities.

AI remains the driving force that established the international internship industry in Australia. The programs continue to grow and support the demand for young professionals entering the workplace. AI compares their program to the final step before employment, and a guided entry to the workplace that offers insight for young professionals keen to really know what is required to succeed in industry.

The AI Program has been approved by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship DIAC (Department of Immigration and Citizenship) for the 416 Special Program Visa and the 402 Training and Research Visa.

AI has developed a strong cooperation network of over 1700 companies and Government Departments/agencies who host international interns. Each company is assessed on their suitability to meet with specific goals of the candidate and then provided with a personal counselling prior to hosting the intern. Evaluation and feedback are completed with each company and intern to ensure our quality processes and systems are continually improved.

The AI Internship Program offers a win-win situation for both industry and the participating intern. Industry gains insight into other cultures and the potential for off shore contacts, while the intern has exposure to their profession and a chance to gain the international workplace experience that is so essential for today’s competitive global market.

AI has built its reputation on developing and implementing innovative and creative internship programs and forging strong relationships with industry leaders and educational partners in Australia and overseas. Through the relationships created, AI can provide value to young professionals, educational institutions and industry through international exposure in education, experience and cultural exchange.

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