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What is the Matchmaking platform?

The ALABC Digital Business Matchmaking platform is an online portal that assists with the introduction and virtual meeting set up of two contacts in the ALABC database.

How the B2B Matchmaking platform works:

Step 1:

ALABC Admin creates

you as a contact in the matchmaking platform and you receive your log in credentials via email.

Step 2:

ALABC admin facilitates

the meeting between two contacts in the system.

Step 3:

You receive

an email alerting you of the virtual connection and you log into your account to add your availabilities.

Step 4:

The two contacts

select an appropriate time and date for the virtual meeting as indicated in your account.

Step 5:

An email

is sent to both contacts with a calendar invite download to add to your calendar so that you can access the virtual meeting at the chosen date and time.

Step 6:

The two contacts

connect virtually to discuss their business collaboration.

How to arrange a Meeting

  1. Log into your account using your log-in details that were sent to you via email. 
  2. Select a Connection and pick a proposed available time
  • Contacts can log in anytime to view their arranged Connections by Admin
  • Click on a Connection tile to view details
  • When viewing the Connection details page, it may show the proposed date(s)/time(s) from the other party. If so, click the connect button on a proposed date(s)/time(s) by the other party if suitable

  • If the other party has not added their availability
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  • Click “Add your availability”

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  • Then select the most suitable date and time. All meetings are for 45-minute duration:

**Please note: we suggest selecting a few times that suit you so that the other connection has options to choose from.

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  • Then click on “Submit”, the application will notify the other party of the new availability

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  • Contacts receive emails notifying them every time meeting date(s)/time(s) availability is updated
  • Click on “Create Meeting” 

  • Graphical user interface, text, application, email Description automatically generatedOnce a meeting has been created, an email will be sent to both parties with a calendar invitation and a video link.

  • A screenshot of a computer Description automatically generated with medium confidenceWhen a Contact receives the “Scheduled Connection” email, they can click on one of the calendar links as appropriate to add the meeting to your calendar.

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