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Showing Up Conference: "How to live, work and start your first company in Australia”

Event Begins: 27 Feb 2020 5:30 PM   Ends: 27 Feb 2020 8:30 PM
Venue: Academy of Entrepeneurs

Session 1:  Panel – “How to live and work in a new culture”

Paula Mills CEO and founder of the Academy of Entrepreneurs in Sydney,  will guide a panel with the following ALABC members, to elicit their experience and guidance on how to navigate cultural differences and how this impacts life in Australia from a communication perspective:

        • Cultural Connexions
        • Elaj Consulting
        • Somos21
        • Cross Australia
        • Australian Internships

The panelists will draw on their own experiences and reflect on the key knowledge, attributes and skills needed to successfully navigate different cultural contexts. Key similarities and differences between Latin American cultures and Australia. Some strategies for building healthy relationships and negotiating cultural differences successfully.

Session 2: 

In the second part of the event, Melanie MacFarlane and Tony Sloman will conduct a workshop.

  The running order for the session is as follows: 

  1. Introduction – ‘Owning your space’ - case study of a Latin American entrepreneur sharing their challenges in integrating into and achieving acceptance in Australia programme
  2. Overview of event – overall purpose and objective including all-inclusive panel - Melanie and Tony introduce themselves and their journey to highlight this
  3. Audience participation – listening with the intent to understand, not judge or fix – connect to all in the room
  4. Audience objectives to be shared and written down
  5. Background on migration – Melanie to share her company’s personal involvement in the migration process with its clients
  6. High-stakes communication – Tony to share top tips on how to communicate in particular for those from Latin American countries
  7. Story-telling – audience participation – Tony to invite audience to practise these
  8. Performance nerves – Tony to provide Passion & Purpose methodology and tools to overcome this
  9. A practice in mindfulness – Melanie to share exercises
  10. Personal Pitch – application of techniques by Tony and audience to create their own ‘pitch’
  11. Conclusion by Melanie and Tony – audience feedback

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