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Food and Beverage Mission Mexico 2017

Event Begins: 6 Mar 2017   Ends: 10 Mar 2017
Venue: Mexico

Austrade  and  FIAL  have  partnered  to  provide  Australian  businesses  with  the   opportunity  to attend  Expo  Antad  2017  and  to  participate  in  an  all-­inclusive   market  visit  as  part  of  the  food and  beverage  mission  to  Mexico.   

Expo  Antad  Mexico  2017,  is  designed  to  become  a consolidated  international   benchmark  forum  in  the  trade  circuit  within  the  food  and  agribusiness sector  as   the  largest  yearly  food  exhibition  in  Central  and  South  America.  



  • Visit  Expo  Antad  2017  to  look  at  sourcing,  networking  and  export   opportunities. 
  • Meet  with  buyers  from  main  supermarkets  and  department  stores  in   Mexico.
  • Gain  first-­hand  understanding  of  Mexico’s  growing  food  and  beverage   sector  and  opportunities.   
  • Market  your  capabilities  to  Mexican  companies  leveraging  Austrade’s   established  in-­market  connections.  



With  a  population  of  128  million  people,  Mexico  is  forecast  to  enter  the  Top  10  global  economies  before  the  end  of   the  next  decade.  According  to  BMI  more  than  4.1  million  households  will  enter  the  upper  middle  income  threshold   before  2020.  Overall  household  expenditure  is  forecast  to  grow  consistently  above  5%  over  the  same  time  period.   

This  sustained  growth  is  evident  in  the  rise  of  the  premium  food  category,  especially  over  the  past  decade.  Premium   supermarkets  –  City  Market,  Selecto  Chedraui,  H-­E-­B,  Walmex  and  Soriana  –  have  proliferated  and  can  offer   outstanding  opportunities  to  Australian  companies.  Walmex  alone  has  more  than  2,300  stores  across  the  country. 

At  the  same  time,  Mexico’s  reputation  for  trade  and  investment  is  building  fast.  According  to  Oxford  Economics,   Mexico  will  be  the  6th  largest  trading  nation  in  the  world  by  2050.  For  Australia  in  particular,  Mexico  will  rise  in   importance,  more  so  should  a  trade  agreement  be  reached  in  the  near  future.  This  agreement  will  allow  many   Australian  companies  to  compete  at  a  fundamentally  different  price  point.  


  • Gourmet  and  premium   products 
  • Meat 
  • Beverage  products
  • Wine  and  other  alcoholic   products
  • Processed  food  products
  • Grains  and  seeds 
  • Confectionary  and  others  
  • ETS  (Equipment,   Technology  and  Services).

Further information about the mission is available on the attached flyer

Apply  now  at  www.austrade.gov.au/fnbmissionmexico2017  

Contact us here for more information about this event.

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